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3CCD Digital Video Camcorder

3CCD Professional L-Series Fluorite Lens
XL1s Side View

GL2 Side View

The Full Potential of Digital Video in One Extraordinary Camcorder
IEEE 1394 DV Terminal, DV Format, S-Video, Super High Resolution alongside Super Low Light Capability
Interchangeable Lens Systems are available
3X Extra Wide-Angle Zoom Lens
Optical Image Stabilized 16X Zoom Lens IS II 
Manual 16X Zoom Lens
3D Imaging Video Lens and 1.6X Extender
EF Adapter for Canon EOS 35mm Camera Lenses
3 Shooting Modes, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Programmed AE, Slow Shutter, Picture Adjustment, Clear Scan, SMPTE Color Bars, AE Shift, Digital Effects, Gain Control, Zebra Pattern, Four Channel Digital Audio, Max Shutter Speed 1/15,000sec, Power Supply 7.2v DC, and Power Consumption while recording, only 8.7w.
Body Digital Camcorder


Professional Quality for the Discerning Eye, Super High Resolution and Outstanding Color Reproduction, 3CCD Image Sensors, Pixel Shift Process, Optical Image Stabilizer, 20x Zoom Lens with 100x Digital Zoom, 3 Shooting Modes, IEEE 1394 DV Terminal, Flexible LCD View Screen and Color Viewfinder, Programmed AE, Zebra Pattern, PCM Digital Stereo Sound, Digital Effects, SDC-8mm SD Memory Card, and USB w/Software.  A/V Insert and Audio Dubbing, Full Manual Operation, One Touch Dubbing, Analog Line-in, 16:9 Wide Screen TV Effect, Picture Adjustment, SLR Style Flash Photography Available, Max Shutter Speed 1/15,000sec, Power Supply 7.2v, and lower Power consumption w/viewfinder, only 4.8w.









Primary Optura Xi features

Genuine Canon 11x Optical Zoom lens and 220x Digital Zoom

High resolution 2.0 Megapixel CCD

RGB Primary Color Filter

DIGI DV Image Processor

3.5" LCD Screen

Manual Audio Control


Primary Optura 300 features

Genuine Canon 10x Optical Zoom lens and 200x Digital Zoom

High resolution 2.0 Megapixel CCD

RGB Primary Color Filter

Image Stabilizer

DIGIC DV Image Processor

2.5" LCD Screen

Manual Audio Control




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