About The Media Store
At the Media Store, you'll find a real commitment to bringing quality services to meet the needs of our diverse community. Family owned and operated, we believe in the value of giving back while contributing to the improvement of our community as a place to live and work.

Our company believes in developing strong community partnerships. We support, both financially and with in-kind services to qualified organizations.

Keeping community in mind, The Media Store is proud to introduce and provide products, services, and a diverse collaboration of resources. We have embarked on an exclusive new approach, taping into the vast talents from within our community schools, centers, and businesses. We believe in the investment and enhancement of talented youth, businesses, and organizations. At TMS, local community talent provides services.

The Media Store is proud to be a supporter of the New Beginnings Christian Ministry Trust and Scholarship Fund. Ten percent of our services is designated to directly benefit New Beginning Christian Ministry Community programs. 

From Full color copies to the latest in marketing techniques, we offer quality... from beginning to end.



The Media Store
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